About 'the P word’

    'The P word’ isn’t an important book in the sense that it’ll put an end to world hunger or reveal what makes Celebrity Apprentice a show that anybody would want to watch. It is, quite simply, an awareness book dealing with a subject that, in spite of the fact that it will lead to the untimely death of three to four American men within the next sixty minutes, remains cloaked in mystery for the most part. Still, it is a subject with which every man should take the time to acquaint himself.

    Its author, Sherman Goodrich, is a cartoonist and humor writer, having appeared as such on CBS TV, Nickelodeon, and an untold number of downtown street corners. Credentials for this writing, however, were derived from his personal battle with Prostate Cancer.

    More recently, and in spite of his ongoing battle with cancer, he competed in and won the international fitness title of 2009 Body-for-LIFE Challenge Champion in the 46 and over class…doing so at the tender age of seventy.

    And so, in an effort to make more men aware of the possible pitfalls of possessing their very own prostate, Sherman has taken pen in hand—along with a generous dose of tongue in cheek—to paint a picture from a patient’s point of view of the many problems, or the lack thereof, that may arise as a direct result of nothing more than having been born into the male of the species.

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