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“Sherman’s journey with enlarged prostate and prostate cancer was entertaining from beginning to end. After all the prostate cancer books I have read as a survivor myself, it’s the first time I’ve laughed out loud because of his wit and frankness about this silent killer. Any man who's had  one or both of these conditions  will appreciate this easy to read book”

Gene Felker: CEO/Founder-Prostate Onsite Project   

 “Sherman has managed to cover the courage and discipline required to win against third stage prostate cancer. This publication will be the gold standard going forward in the twenty-first century. He was able to fuse humor and common sense together. This will be a staple of the Southwest Prostate Cancer Foundation (SWPCF) assisting men and their families.”

Fred Taylor: Executive Director-SWPCF


   Sherman Goodrich is an award winning cartoonist and humor writer. His bout with prostate cancer, which began at the age of 57, soon became grist for his mill. And while he is quick to note that cancer of any kind is no laughing matter, he also suggests that it’s probably better than beating your breast in anguish over your newfound misfortune.

   After being in remission for nine years, he was less than delighted to find that it had come back to haunt him in the form of recurrent prostate cancer: three words that no man wants to hear. It was at this juncture he decided that he was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and went to work searching for his own answer to cancer.

   It was a gimme to Goodrich that giving up wasn’t an option, so he began a program of exercise and nutrition and, in a textbook example of overkill, went on to win the title of 2009 Body-for-LIFE Challenge Champion.

   He now champions another cause: Prostate Cancer Awareness. This book is your personal invitation to join him in the quest to conquer cancer in our lifetime.

“Together” he says, “...we can do it.”


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Prostate Cancer Survivor

All proceeds from the P word are dedicated to the promotion of Prostate Cancer Awareness. 



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